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Growing Up/ 2:20 AM

I think that the toughest thing about growing up is to be responsible to your own feelings...
Emotions, something that I forgot where I've locked it up.

Been Thinking.../ 12:50 AM

Yes, to a very large extent, I can be considered as Chinese-educated.

A few statements have been the guiding principle in my life:

- 先天下之忧而忧,后天下之乐而乐
- 达则兼济天下,穷则独善其身
- 只有来自民间的人,才能明白民间的疾苦

The GE had been inspiring to me. I'm now thinking if I should put what was taught to me into practice...

I Heard a Rumour/ 3:30 AM

At the age of 21, my friends believe in a rumour that I forgo them and treasure my new friends more, cared more for politics than friendships...
At the age of 22, my friends believe in rumours that I am becoming over-ambitious and overly politically correct.
At the age of 23, some friends believe in rumours that I am becoming over-egoistic.
At the age of 24, some of my friends think that I haven't let go.
At the age of 25, some people think that I am falling for someone, which nearly spoilt the friendship.

Sigh, rumours, how potent it can be...

Whatever it is, I am still the free-spirited Tan Chuan Seng. The Tan Chuan Seng that backpack travelled alone in Yunnan, The Tan Chuan Seng that backpack travelled alone in IndoChina, the Tan Chuan Seng that may have seen through life and death...

I will not, and will constantly remind myself so, that I am not meant to stay put at any point. Only in constant motion can I find peace in my mind. I am still the same me searching for that "constant in life", searching for that meaning in life... Before that, I will not stop...

从二十五岁开始,我就不喜欢把心束缚着。 我向往的,是逍遥游的境界... ...

The Good Thing About Being Young/ 12:37 AM

What I'm going to say is my personal opinion as a 27 year old working adult.

My dad was a taxi driver who passed away at the last year of my university. I had to teach tuition to make my life a bit better as an undergrad. I had no chance for grad trip as I need to work to feed myself. I buy Pedro coz it is a cheaper alternative than those European brands etc (and its a Singapore brand). I can only afford to buy my mum a Guess wallet with my meagre pro-rated bonus in 2009. I have to slog hard, even on weekends to get my work and job done. I want to depend on myself, focus on my career and try to make a mark for myself, by myself. I am single, and I don't think I can afford a house, nor marriage.

But yet, I think I am richer and has a better life as compared to many others in Singapore. As such, I don't go around telling people I am poor, or try to give the impression that I am poor.

Quite a Chinese-ed person, I abide by the confucian theory of "达则兼济天下,穷则独善其身", even if I can't serve the community, I try to upgrade myself whenever possible.

Having contested in a small-scale elections before, I really think that elections is a good way to train up young leaders. It gets you exposed to reality, to the crowd that you'll be serving, to all sorts of malicious comments, to the stress of facing competitors. Election tests the faith, confidence, commitment in the candidates.

The good thing about being young is that we have the energy. We are not afraid of failures. We are not afraid of competition, and is confident in the face of challenges.

So young leader, show us that you are capable of facing challenges and unfair comments by yourself. Show to me that when faced with an older and more experienced opposition, you dare to put up a fight. Show to me that you can speak my language, and you understand the situation of young Singapore working adults. Then I will say that as a 27 year old, I respect you as my leader...

I think this is the best way to represent young Singaporeans.

/ shining lights

Starry, starry night.
Paint your palette blue & grey,
Look out on a summer's day,
Shadows on the hills,
Sketch trees & daffodils,
Catch breeze & winter chills,
In colors on snowy linen land.


I am the one star that keeps burning, so brightly
It is the last light, to fade into the rising sun

Bit by Bit, You'll be Inspired!
- Tan Chuan Seng

thank you

The designer is darkdegree and is designing for a simple reason for his birthday. Brushes used are simple stars and city brushes found from deviantart
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